Census Date is next Monday. Are you sick of hearing it yet? Good.
Census Date is next Monday.

Make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row. It’s the day that UNE send all enrolment information away to the federal government which means if you’re thinking there’s even a chance you might change your study load - contact Student Support. They’ll be able to give you the advice you need. Census Date is also the last date for any commencing students (or students who have changed degrees) to submit the SA-Help form if you wish to defer your SSAF fee to your HELP loan. 

As many of you know, our beloved President, Dale Finch is currently on medical leave and is recovering well post-surgery (Get well soon Dale!). While he is away this month, I will be taking on his responsibilities, including this edition’s President Report.

Iron Fist Review

After reading several reviews for Marvel’s final defender Iron Fist, I was hesitant about watching due to its negative reception. However, I am very pleasantly surprised at what all 13 episodes had to offer. So much so that I’m left wondering if the critical critics and I were watching the same show?

Playlist — By The Fire

So here we are, winter is here, literally the winter festival is around the corner (and for those asking, yes we are bringing in a snow machine, yes it is real snow). Anyway, as it is winter it’s time to rug up and snuggle up with someone (or a hot water bottle as I plan to do) and listen to some relaxed tunes, I’ve created a little playlist of my favourite tunes to listen to on a cozy afternoon wrapped up in blankets, so here is my winter by the fire (heater) playlist.