The Nucleus is the University of New England's Student Magazine.


Nucleus is the University of New England's student newspaper: run by students, for students, and paid for by SSAF. It aims to reflect the student environment at UNE by publishing content that is relevant and important to all students, both internal and external. Nucleus was first published in 1947. After being shut down in 2006 because of VSU, it was relaunched in 2013 by UNEG, UNE’s student association. 2018 marked a significant change, as we decided to go completely digital, save for our O Week Guide and Yearbook. 

Nucleus is always happy to receive content from any UNE student, past or present. It publishes a range of content, from news articles to opinion pieces, from art work to creative writing, and more!

If you want to write something but don’t know what, the editors can help you find a topic that suits you. If you already have an idea or a draft of a piece of work, contact the editors with the idea or draft and we’ll happily look over it and discuss it with you!

If you are interested in submitting content to Nucleus, contact the editors at or visit the office on campus in the Student Media Hub with Tune!FM.