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Welcome to Nucleus, the student newspaper of the University of New England. Nucleus is free. It’s accessible on campus and online, and publishes content from, and for, the students that it represents. Nucleus is here to make you think, to make you engage, to make you a part of the higher education community that you have the opportunity to make your own. We believe in autonomy, fairness and integrity; telling it how it is and publishing content that should be published: the voice of the students. Nucleus is a space for undergraduates, graduates, and staff to read, write, create, and have an open dialogue. Here you will find news relevant to UNE and university life, articles on interesting or important topics, information to help and inform you, and creative content to make you stop and think.

Nucleus is produced by students, for students. As something like 80% of the UNE cohort study off campus, this website is, in part, to ensure that you have access to Nucleus as much as any other student. The link in the top right corner lets you download a pdf copy, and articles are uploaded for perusal and are open to comment and criticism, with any content that doesn’t fit into the monthly issue also being put on the website.

Anyone interested in producing any kind of content for Nucleus – whether it be taking photos, investigating university issues, following news topics, drawing cartoons, pondering the workings of the universe – is most expressly encouraged to contact the editors at editors@nucleus.org.au.

You can also like our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nucleus/124571311044595. Those wishing to advertise in Nucleus should also contact editors@nucleus.org.au.


Disclaimer The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the staff of the Nucleus or UNEG. If you have an issue with an item published in the paper, write a letter and we will be glad to print it. All contributions must include name and contact details. Ensure that all contributions contain nothing that may be considered sexist, racist, discriminatory, violence provoking, or plagiarised. We assume our readers can tolerate a degree of satire and the odd swear word, but anything containing unnecessary profanity will not be published. Publication is always at the discretion of the editors. All content is published under the Creative Commons By 3.0 license.

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Editorials: February 2013