Townies Commencement Dinner

March 8th saw the very first Commencement Dinner for Townies. Held at the Armidale Club, the evening was an opportunity for UNE students living in town to get all dressed up to mingle and network. For Townie students looking for social opportunities, the Commencement Dinner was a welcome break from routine. Guest Speaker Alex Dunn, a former editor of Neucleus, has a long association with UNE and with Townies. Now working in the Academic Skills Office (ASO), Alex also worked for many years at Student Support and has supported Townies since its formation. Alex spoke about each generation referring to their time at UNE as the university’s ‘golden age’. He urged the assembled Townies to be a part of building the current years as a golden age of our own. Involvement in student organisations and student media, Alex said, were key ways for all students to be a part of forming our legacy as a generation of students.

These words were met with enthusiastic approval; as was dessert. After dinner, Townies partied on at the Club, enjoying the music of local jug band “Jug Addicts”.

This was the first of three formal events for the year and its success has Townies already looking forward to the Townie Ball in May, a night which promises to be spectacular.

- Kate Wood

AIA Buddy Program - O-week, Leadership and Celebration of Culture

AIA Buddy Program - O-week, Leadership and Celebration of Culture

UNE Bhutanese Student Association and the Seventh Namkhai Nyingpo Rinpoche