'Twas the Night Before Monday

J.M. Cochrane

’Twas the night before Monday, and deep in his dorm, A student was facing an impending storm. His paper was due on the very next day, And his weekend, it seemed, had floated away.

His classmates were nestled all snug in their beds, But he lay awake filled with numerous dreads. This paper was worth more than half of his grade; That wouldn’t change, despite how he prayed.

Six weeks he did have, to get it completed. Six weeks, which in truth, had been most mistreated. He had once made a plan he’d intended to follow, But each day he’d decided to wait till tomorrow.

It seemed much more fun to spend time with friends. Who wants to hunch over with paper and pens? He thought that, just maybe, he’d work on the intro, But somehow wound up with drinks at the bistro.

Movies and parties and walks in the park Had always seemed better than making a start On the paper that now whispered taunts in his brain. Oh, if only he could do it all over again!

He would never redo his silly mistakes. He’d fight through the boredom and old muscle aches To put thoughts to paper and write something astounding, And restart his future on much firmer grounding.

But now it’s too late – he truly is screwed. He will have to prepare for the upcoming feud. So as he drifts off to the tune of defeat, He ponders his chance of a last-minute cheat…

Good luck and good study to everyone in 2013!

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