GNSAD - April 2012

GNSAD - April 2012


Dear GNSAD,If I were to find a wallet on the street with money in it, would it be better to use that money to purchase wallets for the needy, or to return the money to the owner?

Wallets for the needy are surely a worthy cause; statistics show that owners of wallets are more likely to have money, which is a key indicator of welfare. However, how are you to know that the owner of that wallet was not a poor pensioner teetering on the brink of destitution? It is not for you to adjudicate who should have the benefit of a wallet and who should not.

Dear GNSAD, I really need some advice regarding my boyfriend, but I’m worried that if he reads this column he will know it’s about him and that I wrote it!

You’re so vain, you probably think this column is about you, you’re so vain (you’re so vain!).


Dear GNSAD, My flatmate keeps leaving their, ahem, business in the loo. It’s really getting to me, but I’m far too embarrassed to confront the issue directly. Can you give me some ideas?

Start leaving your own business around the house in inconvenient locations. When your flatmate goes to make toast and finds you’ve left your business in the toaster they will start to understand your frustration.

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