Letters to the Editors – Apr 2013

Hey guys, Here’s something I wanted to say to the idiot complaining about parking fees at UNE in your latest edition.

In response to F.U, Parking: the problem isn’t the hike in parking fees, but rather the complete unwillingness of students to walk the five hundred metres from college to uni, ride a bike from town, or catch the bus. Elm Ave just before 9am is an exercise in disappointment as a seemingly-endless stream of college students, all one per car, drive up to the campus. If anything, the number of available car spaces should be halved. Exceptions should be made for students that come from out of town or have a legitimate reason (medical) for driving, and everyone else should be required to act like a responsible adult. I know it’s hard acting like an adult when the colleges aren’t much more than nurseries with alcohol, but give it a shot anyway. It takes ten minutes to walk up the hill from the colleges, about fifteen from the centre of town on a bike, and the bus runs every hour. And there’s ample public transport - you just don’t get to drive home in between classes. So pack your lunch. Maybe the caterers in the college kitchen will make you a sandwich.

Thanks Jeremy Turner

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