Student Profile: Amelia Rose Roberts

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Amelia Rose Roberts

Studying: Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy and Theatre.

Why did you choose to study at UNE?

The reasons are quite practical; because I already lived in Armidale it was an easy decision to stay with my family and study at home. My choice was confirmed when I had a break half way through my degree and moved to Sydney to work. I then chose to come back to Armidale, finding I much preferred the lifestyle here. Sometimes I hear other young people complain that Armidale is a “hole”, which is simply not true! There are heaps of bingo and trivia nights throughout the week and Dixson Library is open until 9pm most nights.

My mother studied at this university in the last few years before VSU, and I remember reading her issue of the Neucleus, or hearing her talk about the student demonstrations she was attending. These memories are part of the reason I chose to study at university, and UNE in particular. There were a few years after VSU where the university lost a great deal of the student life, but UNE is starting to wake up again, which is very heartening. How did you come to found the UNE Women’s Society?

I decided to start UNEWS because I thought the university needed it. I was motivated by the experiences of the women around me, and the hope that they could be made better through community and cooperation; there isn’t much we can’t do if we stick together. What are some things you’ve learnt studying at UNE?

Well, I won’t make a list of learning outcomes, but I’ve learnt heaps. University has exposed me to so many different types of people and, it sounds really cliché so I won’t go on too much. I will give the reader a piece of advice - get out there and get involved. You only get to be this young, free and energetic once. Trust me, I just turned 23 and I can’t be bothered to use the stairs at work anymore, which is a great pity because the vending machine with the good stuff is downstairs.

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