UNE Landcare

“There is no escape from our interdependence with nature… We must respect, preserve and love its manifold expression if we hope to survive” - Bernard Campbell

Landcare has been active in Australia since the 1980s, working with community members to reverse the degradation of farmland, public land and waterways. As a grass roots movement, Landcare harnesses the energy and enthusiasm of individuals and groups to care for the environment.

Our natural environments play an important role in providing clean water, fresh air and healthy soil and are important to humans for many social and cultural reasons too. We need to preserve and look after our remaining urban bushland and creeklands so that we can continue to experience the unique plants and animals of this region.

At UNE, Landcare groups have been active intermittently over the past twenty years working on bushland and creeklands on campus. For the plants and animals urban bushland and creeks provide important habitats for them to live, breed, eat and shelter.

This year UNE Landcare is working with the university to rehabilitate Dumaresq Creek with the ‘10,000 Trees’ campaign. 10,000 Trees is the second stage of the Campus Creek Cleanout project, a partnership between UNEL, UNE’s Facilities Management Services (FMS) and the Armidale Urban Rivercare Group, which began in 2012 with work on the removal of in-stream willows and poplars that had been interrupting and diverting the flow of water. Support for 10,000 Trees from FMS, including the clearing and preparation of planting sites, has allowed UNE Landcare to focus almost all of its efforts and funding on revegetation.

By July 10,000 native grass, shrub and tree seedlings will be planted in a series of community working bees along Dumaresq Creek These plantings will help stabilise the creek banks, provide food and habitat for wildlife, increase biodiversity values on campus, increase the area of native vegetation at the University and – we hope – engage UNE staff members and students.

By participating in the ‘10,000 Trees’ campaign you can leave a leafy green legacy at UNE for students, staff members, visitors and wildlife to enjoy in the years to come. Working bees will be held on the second Sunday of the month until May. To get involved, contact Ellen Nyberg – ellen@snelcc.org.au.

- Ellen Nyberg

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Staff Profile: Nigel R. Andrew

Staff Profile: Nigel R. Andrew