The Rainbow Crossing in North Car Park

Many will have noticed the addition to the north car park that appeared on the 16th of last month. A DIY Rainbow Crossing applied in spray paint on the asphalt in front of the bus stop. This is one of many DIY crossings showing up all over the country in protest to the removal of the rainbow crossing in Sydney that was created for Mardi Gras 2013. The crossing on Oxford St was constructed for the festival, but quickly became a powerful symbol of LGBT culture which the area has long been popular for.

The destruction of the crossing in April was not taken well, and a movement sprung up in its wake, with people creating DIY rainbow crossings in chalk on footpaths, alleyways, and roads all over the country.

The crossing in the north car park, painted anonymously, was one of the first in the New England area, and has since helped to inspire others showing up all over the Northern Tablelands.

This DIY crossing is unique as it’s quite possibly the only ‘permanent’ DIY crossing around, and as such it will stand with its message long after its chalk counterparts have been washed away by the rain.

- Stu Horsfield

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