A Word with Judd - July 2013

In modern times, with language in such a ridiculous state, one cannot help but think that the average vocabulary is shrinking whilst the number of words continues to grow. At least that is one theory. The other is me yelling “BE SILENT BOY!” as I back-hand my own face.


On the subject of words this week I wish to discuss ‘cacology’ (kah-KOL-o-gee). Funnily enough this word describes a poor choice in the language chosen in to communicate. For example: If I was to yell, “Yo, Dawg! How’s yo Mumma hanging?” at the Prime Minister that would be an apt example of ‘cacology’. On the same token, if I was then to pretend to be a bystander in that situation and yell at my previous swanky self, “You shouldn’t talk like that to the Prime Minister! You are a living example of cacology!” - that would also be cacology, as people these days would not understand the term and it is therefore ineffective at communicating its meaning to the suggest audience. The fact that cacology is now in fact almost an example of cacology pleases me greatly.



Relaxing sounds too peaceful? Tranquil sounds to dead? Fear not! With the term ‘Ataraxia’ you will never have people believe there isn’t something wrong with you. Ataraxia simply means to be calm, emotionally tranquil or to have peace of mind and yet it sounds like your body has been infected with some sort of severe skin disease. So next time you would like a day off work, tell them that you have a severe case of ataraxia and must stay at home. Then spend the rest of the day pretending that you are in a herbal essences ad, looking wistful and flicking your hair over your shoulder carelessly, because you’re worth it.

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