From the Editors: July 2013

And we’re back! We hope you all did well in your Trimester 1 exams and had a relaxing holiday. A lot has happened since the last Nucleus. For those asking “Where was the June issue?” we didn’t do one. We never planned to do one, nor did we budget for it. What with our contributors all being students or academic staff, we didn’t expect them to have time for us. Plus, where would be find the time for our lavish five star Thai holidays funded by SSAF money if we were working on another issue? Nowhere, that’s where. We even received an impassioned email suggesting that as we had decided to ‘take the month off’, that all of Australia should just ‘take the month off’. While this sounds like a lovely idea, it’s not very practical and could cause serious economic and cultural instability. We can’t ALL go to Thailand and get our feet exfoliated by hundreds of tiny fish now can we? (P.S. There will be no October issue either.)

A new student association is currently being born as well. UNESA (UNE Student Association) will amalgamate the Undergrad and Postgrad guilds and give a unified voice to all students, whilst bleaching out some of the administrative skid-marks left over from the hasty creation of the student guilds last year. Elections for the UNESA board are coming up later this month (15 - 29 July) and we encourage everyone to vote! This issue features all you need to know [see also: all that we could get] about the nominees. If you’re a student and you’re wondering how improvements to student services are made at the university, how to get more for your money and have a say in where it is going, this is how. VOTE!

UNE has been in and out of the news again. A certain situation referred to in a certain Nucleus issue that got certain editors threatened with legal action has been referred to a certain Police Integrity Commission for re-investigation, and the 2005 sale of Tattersalls Hotel by the University has recently been referred to Independent Commission Against Corruption by the University itself. Richard Torbay however, has apparently been approached to perform in a pantomime. NO COMMENT.

We were all saddened to hear New England MP Tony Windsor’s announcement that he would not contest the next election. There was a little crowd of us in the office on the 26th watching his announcement. We were all thoroughly surprised, and though it’s a great loss for New England, we wish Tony all the best. As always, Happy Nucleus!

- The Editors

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