Student Profile: Kaiulani Bush


 Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Miss Kaiulani Bush. She has travelled by plane, boat and even a llama in order to study Broadcast Productions (Television) and Global Studies here at UNE.


Her studies will only last a year because she is on an exchange program. Kaiulani, also known as Kai, hails from a small country town in the middle of nowhere called Orange County, California, so she is used to the size and isolation that Armidale provides. The current weather does not bother Miss Bush because before committing to the exchange she travelled to the Himalayas and lived amongst the locals for 7 months to help prepare for the harsh winters.

Kaiulani is currently living in Mary White College and working as an RF. She is very pleased with her living situation because she does not need to visit the doctors since her entire block are medical students. You can find Kaiulani at Tune!FM, working as the executive producer of The Suitcase, a radio show about world news and travel. Her future plans have her working with television, thus the degree. She believes she is destined for this path since she has been preparing before birth. While in the womb, Kaiulani would write screenplays and full television series. She would keep track of these ideas on the walls of her mother’s uterus. Sadly, all of her hard work was lost during the actual birth. The last 19 years of her life have been spent trying to recover and piece together her original works through deep meditation and alcohol.

Kaiulani has found her stay in Armidale to be quite pleasant. She has been living here since February and has made some great memories and friends. Currently she is on the road traveling the East Coast, spending a week in Cairns and the following week driving down to Brisbane in an RV. In the process, Kaiulani is studying the Australian in its natural habit. Collecting samples from a wide range of specimens, she hopes to create the perfect Australian. Just like any good experiment, trials and errors have occurred, but these have not stopped her progress.

Kaiulani will be heading back to the OC in November to resume her studies at Washington State University. She has been very grateful for her time here so far and is looking forward to the next 5 months of her stay.

Our last question to Kaiulani was “Are California and Orange County portrayed accurately in TV and films?” Her response, “Come see for yourself, but wait til you’re 21.”

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