21st Century Australia - A New Option?

Two political parties, both alike in dignity, In fair Australia, where we lay our scene From vintage grudge break to new mutiny Where adults bicker, makes bickering seem unclean,

From forth the fatal laws of these two foes A new party creates its life……..and…That’s the best I can do.

Over the past few years we have watched the Liberal and Labor governments in our parliament bicker like school children. Without relaying a chronological timeline of the events taken place between the parties over the past few years, I can confidently say I don’t really want to vote for either party in the upcoming election. My problem lies in the fact that as a student of history; I value my vote, and I want my vote to count and contribute to creating the best possible outcome for Australia.

A few months ago a man named Jamie Something-a-rather flew across my radar. He had a wonder story that I didn’t really believe. Jamie was just this average guy who had hit rock bottom, owed $150,000 and slept on his friend’s couch. After some form of epiphany surrounding what he lacked in education and correcting this he managed to turn his life around and became a multi-millionaire in less than 5 years. I assumed that this story I had heard was a load of exaggerated melodramatic bull-dust which had absolutely no relevance to my life, so I pretty much ignored it.

I work in an IT store and one of my customers whom I regularly talk politics with told me about a new political party running for federal parliament in the upcoming election against Barnaby Joyce. The party was called the 21st Century Australia Party and whilst excitedly googling their webpage I came across the name Jamie McIntyre and was able to link the broke to riches story of ‘average Joe’ Jamie to the founder of the new political party.

21st Century Australia Party suggests not only new legislation but a new political model for the roles of both the politician and the Government. This would mean revolutionising the government system from one that we know into a system that we haven’t really seen yet. According to the political party’s website the fundamental traditional way our government has been run over the last hundred years is not suitable moving into the technological 21st century and thus the party has a 25 point plan to ‘Improve Australia.’ For example step 2 of the 25 step plan dictates that ‘Government spending (be) removed from the hands of politicians and placed in the hands of an independent board, similarly to how interest rate settings are set independently.’ The political party was launched on the 22nd of April 2013, it is a brand new party and I find it amazing that the party has in such a short time been able to come up with solutions to some of Australia’s greatest issues. It makes me wonder just how efficiently these solutions could be implemented by such a young party.

One skeptical Facebook user said he believed the page was full of Propaganda; the word ‘Peacocking’ came to mind when I first viewed the page as there are photos of Jamie with politicians like Tony Blair, celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and George Clooney as well as self-made man Richard Branson. There can be no doubt over who is in control of the new political party and the website would have us believe that Jamie is the political saviour Australia needs to oust the Rudd/Abbott problem and move Australia into a compassionate capitalist styled future. I am intrigued by this new party and find its political ideology refreshing and modern, only time will tell if the 21st Century Australia Party is ready to play with the big boys of politics and if they are competent enough to walk their peacocky talk.

 - Ashleigh Baker

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