A Word with Judd - August 2013


Have you ever wondered what society would be like if the common man ruled? Well, yes hypothetically that is what a democratic or communist society does, but who would really want a nation in which people who perhaps care more about dinner than economic restructuring or more about football than national security ran every aspect of society. Well, there is a form of society which could be considered a step even lower than our ‘governance by the people’: a ‘kakistocracy’ - a government led by the least qualified citizens.

Could you imagine a person who holds the lowest rank in our society, without any qualifications, running the nation? Let’s face it, that person is probably a 17 year-old boy, who is illiterate, blind, deaf and impotent, who lives like a hermit in a wombat burrow, because he has yet to learn how to build shelter, make fire or wear clothes. Yet in a kakistocracy this is the ideal person to oversee social reform and immigration policy. So remember, as bad as this government might seem it could be worse, at least we do not live in a kakistocracy.


Have you ever just looked at your belly? You know that thing in the middle of your body which is constantly making noises? Making sure when you feel self-conscious that it is the first to notify you of your impending dieting session? Have you noticed it has a hole in the middle? Does this unassuming thing in the middle of your belly mean something more than that you were born to a human mother? Is it there to remind you that you were ripped screaming into the world? Does it mock you? Can you see the hatred in its shallow depths or just some of that bizarre lint that some people get? What you are doing right now is called omphaloskepsis, a process which refers to the contemplation of one’s navel.

I would hazard a guess to say that you don’t contemplate your navel enough. Think about it, you probably haven’t thought much about it at all.

HA! Got you now! You are doing as I told you and because you listened to me, we are well on our way to becoming a kakistocracy! Government from the few at the bottom and no suffrage for the many! God bless, Australia!

GNSAD - August 2013

GNSAD - August 2013

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