ENACTUS UNE fundraises to send entire team to ENACTUS world cup.

On the 6th of September Enactus UNE will be collaborating with the Armidale Bowling club for the running of a fundraising event. This fundraiser will fund members heavily involved in Enactus to attend the Enactus world cup in Cancun, Mexico. This cocktail function will host the presentation that Enactus UNE will be presenting at the World Cup and an auction. Enactus is currently still looking for donations to be auctioned at the function. Items to be auctioned include artworks donated by local artists, including the works featured here by artist Scott Harrison. The event will take place on the 6th of September and tickets will be on sale soon to be announced ořn our facebook page Enactus UNE https://www.facebook.com/uneenactus.

Each year Enactus UNE competes in the Enactus world cup against up to 28 universities across Australia. However, this year Enactus UNE took out the national title earning them the right to represent Australia at the ENACTUS world cup in Cancun, Mexico. Enactus Australia pays for the presenting team and a faculty advisor to represent Australia in Mexico; however, this covers only 6 members. Many more than six members are heavily involved in Enactus projects, and these members would have to either not attend, or pay their own way, if it were not for Enactus UNE’s decision to fundraise.

Enactus UNE, formerly known as SIFE, is a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Enactus UNE is one of 28 university organisations in Australia. It has 1600 universities world-wide, 62,000 members world-wide and contributes 7,300,000 project volunteer hours.

 - Blake Mallon Enactus UNE Media Officer

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