Letters to the Editors - August 2013

Dear EditorsRe: Young Voters

There’s been a lot of discussion of late about the issue of young people being apparently apathetic to Australian politics and many theories of the cause thrown about by people who apparently can’t remember such a time in their own lives. As a young person myself, my bemusement is not directed at fellow young people not engaging in politics, it’s a genuine bafflement at everyone else’s confusion. The reasons seem pretty obvious to me- our voice and the issues that concern us are of no importance to other demographics and certainly not to politicians until the election looms and they remember we’re an untapped resource of votes.

In general, society treats young people like the faeces on the bottom of their collective shoe, we are apparently just leeches on resources and on the good, hardworking, upstanding people that don’t fall in the same age range. Apparently we’re all the same, only interested in facebook, partying, remaining unemployed and bumming off our parents for as long as possible, never to contribute anything of value to the world.

I personally avoided enrolling to vote as long as I possibly could until I got the dreaded letter threatening me with fines if I didn’t comply with the ‘mandatory privilege’. Now I’m forced to do something that I avoided for so long because, contrary to popular opinion, young people aren’t stupid, and we do actually have the capability to measure the costs and benefits of such an enterprise. I did and do appreciate that I’m lucky to have this right, but I also could foresee that it was a complete waste of time. Let’s be honest, it comes down to the majority. The majority wins. If you’re not a sheep, if you don’t believe everything you’re told and if you feel differently toward issues than the majority of people you’re surrounded by, then you’re only enrolling for your vote to be ignored.

Eventually tracked down and forced to enrol, I did my research (after all, what I vote for effects other people), I voted, and surprise, surprise, the person voted in, our local member, happens to stand for everything I’m against. And there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I was right all along about the lack of value the minority (and thus my vote) has and how pointless the political process is. In the end, all it did was prove me right, make me feel even more disillusioned, frustrated and powerless, and all it taught me is that I should have been better at avoiding that enrolment letter.



Dear Editor,

I too believe that there should be an investigation into the management of TuneFM, including the amount the budget allocates to the elusive employee living on the Sunshine Coast who seems to be persistently referred to as the manager. Isn’t it difficult to believe that someone living 7 hours away from their workplace would do a very good job of managing it?

I’ve also heard from various sources that TuneFM volunteers have requested to see the budget for TuneFM (which, as far as I understand, is funded by public money), and were denied this information by the CEO of Services UNE - on four separate occasions.

Apparently, when they asked whom else they could approach to obtain this information, they were advised by the CEO of Services UNE to go to the Services UNE Board, who then, according to the CEO of Services UNE, would then leave the decision to the CEO of Services UNE! If Kafka had written Catch 22, it could be no better.

The lack of transparency seems palpable and perhaps even suspicious - the public cannot access a budget that they presumably fund.



Dear Editors

I’d like to advise students that “Park” avenue located near colleges is now a no parking zone after council erected no stopping signs along the street. On the 14th of July, 5 cars were booked by the police; 3 in a no stopping area, 1 for having the nose of the vehicle in illegal parking and 1 for being parked in the middle of the street. In other news Saint Alberts college had a great Ball and Recovery weekend.

Yours feloniously, John


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