Poem: That Previous Beer

On a stock route whip in handTraveling far across the land My horses first time on the out No wonder he keeps jigging about

Old Clancy up front yells ‘hey boys take a look’ And what do you know we’d reached the old babbling brook A tree to the left and one to the right Two tall Red Gums reaching into the light

‘This must be the spot Where the old man was shot’ Sad Bill on his horse from the side Sitting up straight, eyes really wide

‘No, no’ said Percy, ‘I’m sure it was not, Wasn’t there a large boulder or rock?’ ‘Yes’ said Clancy ‘its right over there’ Pointing just past the old grey mare

We looked at the rock, eyes wide with fear Or maybe it was that previous beer There was an inscription carved into the stone ‘Go past this point and you’ll be alone’

Perhaps the killer carved the rock In order to protect his precious stock There’s nothing to fear, this was a long time ago The man is now buried far far below

We set up camp right out in the open In case of a storm and trees were broken We hobbled the horses letting them eat And fast we did fall into a sleep

I woke up that night, hearing a noise It sounded as if something was poised I sat straight up, grabbing my gun And looked right around, I was the only one

I started to worry remembering the stone Next thing I heard was a very deep moan I had to get out of here, back to the rock Where all would be safe, but my path was blocked!

I scrambled under the roots of a tree Maybe this ghost wanted a fee I threw forward my money, all that I had Covered my eyes and my face with my hat

‘Get out from there you silly old goof’ They were laughing so hard they nearly raised the roof ‘Just playing some games’ old Clancy laughed ‘Scaring you was our whole task!’

‘Damn you boys and your old stupid tricks Watch yourselves or I’ll give you the flick!’ Maybe it was true all of that fear, Had to have come from them that previous beer.

 - Penny Wright

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