Student Profile: Chloe Delaney

Chloe 1 Name: Chloe Delaney  Degree: B.Arts

 Chronicles of Distance Education Student

Late nights, coffee runs, dangerously high stress levels and the occasional breakdowns - we’ve all experienced at least one of those factors (I know I have anyway).

But one thing some of you may not have experienced, and something that may in fact be a foreign concept to a lot of on campus students, is studying by distance education.

My name is Chloe Delaney, and I can definitely say that I have experienced the odd breakdown and late nights. I have been a distance education student for the last three years, studying a BA in archaeology and palaeoanthropology, and hope to continue on to study osteology and forensic science. All from Brisbane! A fun sized fact about me is probably that I am not much more than fun sized at all. I am only 4’11’’ at 20 years old, which is really awesome when limbo comes into play. Unfortunately, not so awesome for subway counters though…

So what’s distance education all about? Distance education is the exact same as being an on campus student, everything is the same except for physically being present. You get the same lectures, the same readings and the same assignments. And the best part about lectures is that I can use the pause and rewind button - definitely comes in handy!

Chloe 4

Egypt 2010

The other thing that I love about distance education is that it makes you work hard. I won’t lie, you need a lot of motivation to study by distance. It’s easy to put work off for a day, watch movies and take procrastination to the next level because you don’t physically have to be present on campus. Some days I find I go to open Moodle and realise that I am on Facebook some time later - it’s so easy to be sucked into social media! Without being forced to go to class, there is the occasional day (okay, maybe more than occasional) where you just REALLY don’t want to get out of bed because it’s TOO COLD.

It may be hard to believe, but there is life outside the semester. During the holidays, my nose does not come out of books, and in November, I will be travelling through Europe for a few weeks. I’ve previously been to Italy and Egypt, two absolutely amazing places in the world that I think you should definitely visit if time and funds allow.

Chloe 3

Yes, this is me digging through my rubbish bin for assessment. It did happen. Distance education students get prac work too!

I’m fortunate to have a casual position at a museum, where I was originally hired for the Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb exhibition that some of you may have made the trip to Brisbane to see. I love my job! I spend my time there on a casual basis, performing science shows and volunteering in the archaeology and exhibition departments. I am also a hockey player, and spend all of my Saturdays sweating it out on the field as a fullback or Centre Half.

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The thing I am most excited about is coming to UNE in August for the residential school. I will be the little one wandering around, with an 80% chance that I am lost. I am really excited about meeting new people and making new friends so if you see me around, whether in Brisbane or Armidale, definitely come and say hi.


So there you have it - an insight to the experiences of those elusive distance education students everyone talks about and no one sees until residential schools or exams. I can’t wait until I get to step foot onto UNE campus and be one of those on campus students for a week, see you all there!

 - Chloe Delaney 





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