SSAF: have your say

Feedback is being sought by UNESA and the university on how students want their Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) allocated to best benefit the student community. The SSAF was introduced at the start of last year following federal legislation and whilst some SSAF-funded projects are already underway, many decisions need to be made about how the revenue from the fee should be used.

Various proposals on expenditure of the SSAF have been put forward and there is a call for students to respond by AUGUST 28 by emailing The list of SSAF-funded projects that have been undertaken, are underway or planned can be accessed at

Look out for an article on the SSAF in the September issue of Nucleus, where we take you more in-depth into what the SSAF is, how it can be spent and what effect it can have for students.

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GNSAD - September 2013

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