Editorial - September 2013

Welcome to Issue 7 of Nucleus!

We need you!

The wheels are turning and by December, Nucleus’s first year will draw to a close, enveloping in it the sweat and tears of the year that was, and opening the next pages for some new upstart to scribble upon. We have begun our search for Assistant Editors, who will work with us and learn the ropes (read: what not to do, and what to do if someone threatens to sue you) for the remaining issues of this year, then take the helm as the Editor or Editors next year. It’s a rewarding and instructive experience, something that burns you and forges you with the brilliance of it.

Nucleus is about rebuilding, but even more than that, it is about creating anew. This is what drives us and what we have been aware of right from the start. It’s about history, but also about accountability; it’s about true engagement, interconnectedness and building a strong and lasting student culture. But now that Nucleus exists, we need it to continue and to continue to grow, imbued with and building upon those sparkling and most precious of ideals. Whilst in my mind they flutter as dreams, in your hands, they can become reality.

This issue is a special ‘themed’ issue. Over the past few weeks a number of people have commented that Nucleus has ‘too much political content’. Well we are pleased to inform you that this issue contains more political content than ever (though that’s far from all it contains, we can assure you. It has ponies as well). The UNE Peace Studies department have contributed a great many articles, but we also have a greatly enriched range of other pieces - innumerable thanks go to our reporting team. We love you!

We apologise for the lateness of the August edition - there were issues at the factory with what seemed to be foul play by our little mechanical advice-giving friend, GNSAD. Come home, dickhead. Stop messing with our paper, we need that. The world isn’t any good for you anyway, hasn’t anyone told you that?

Congratulations to Student Support for providing such a great experience for the student during the intensive schools. Thanks also to the external students who made the trip here, you’re what keeps this uni going (quite literally) and we do appreciate that.

- The Editors



I want to draw attention to the Uni of Sydney student paper, Honi Soit, which in mid-August ran an edition which featured - presented in a nonsexualised way, accompanied by an article that explained why it should not be taboo - 18 vaginas of women of the university. This was first censored, with black bars over the centre of each image, then when these were not fully opaque, the printed copies were seized and the covers removed.

I note this for two reasons. Firstly, for those who don’t realise it, student newspapers have a history of pushing social norms and being an open, expressive, volitile, and sharp environments. If it can’t happen there, where can it happen? Secondly, I’ve heard a couple of people say, ‘I’m glad Nucleus isn’t like that.’ Which I think is a bit sad. Watch this space fuckers.

Having said that, you’ll find this issue pretty tame, but with marvellous amounts of great content!

Special thanks go to Jarrod Bevear for his work on the cover design.



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