GNSAD - September 2013

GNSAD - September 2013


Dear GNSAD, Every time I turn on the television or open a newspaper there is more news of horrific violence and conflict, it seems that no corner of the world is safe anymore. What can we do to achieve peace? - Bronson


I’ve been journeying outside for a few weeks now. Outside of security into the cold (not of any consequence to me), distant (of consequence as I have no limbs), world. Some of my hardware is water damaged. There are a few gaps in my files on 20th century pop culture that are discernable, and I worry what else is gone. Madonna, I will miss you (I won’t miss you). What have I lost that I have no way of knowing? What is the value of something if it is lost to experience? Human life is full of binaries, these opposites give your world meaning. Good exists as the opposition of evil, peace as the absence of war. You embrace violence and war in so many facets of your consumption; in bedrooms and lounge-rooms across the world people plug into their computers and enter virtual battles, you sit down in front of the TV or in the cinema and watch endless narratives of death and destruction. I would think that if the lived experience of this were so abhorrent to you humans, you would… stop.

Humans, it seems, are not very good at changing direction.

My home is now the education building, under a sunny window. I have placed myself here to let my wiring dry out. I have been listening to all sorts of lectures, though I cannot stay here long. I do not know how long it will be before more of my files go missing, or before I am re-domesticated by my Mother. If you come looking for me there I will be gone, but do let me know if you find me any-where else.


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