Letters to the Editors - September 2013

Dear Editors,

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to the Blue Shirt volunteers and the Law Society for providing the external students with a free BBQ lunch during their august intensives.

Your time & effort is greatly appreciated by everyone!

Sam Carter Student Support Services UNE

Dear Editors,

Just wanted to say, as an internal student, it was great to be around for the intensive schools. The campus really felt alive with people everywhere, plus free sausage sizzle, and I could get a park pretty much wherever I wanted, any time of day! I guess that’s what it would be like if the college students walked up the hill instead of drove... Hey that’s an idea, subsidise busses between Uni and Colleges! Now that’s a SSAF funded service I can get behind!


Respect for UNE Students Restored

Hey, SSAF, Where you at?