Mary Green

Mary White College has taken the first step to establishing a vegetable garden created and cared for by students. An initial working bee was held on October 6th, with a small garden bed being prepared. Malie Cook, also a member of the UNE’s Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) group, was one of the initiators of the project, and said she was excited to see the idea come to fruition. Students at the working bee said the initiative aimed to help build a sense of community in the college and increase green space. Aiden Robb, also one of the initiators of the project, was quoted as saying he wanted to build a garden because ‘…I love to shovel shit… Actually because I needed to dispose of some garbage...’ and several other reasons. A serious answer was not immediately forthcoming.

Students staying in the college over Trimester 3 have agreed to care for the garden. There are hopes that further environmental projects will get underway at the college in Trimester 1 in 2014.


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