A Word with Judd - November 2013


Some people have a certain charm which just washes over you. Often, but not always, it is to do with their voice. The smooth, sweet and flowing, tendrils which reach out to hold you, like a spoonful of honey being dribbled onto your face. The word to describe such a quality is ‘mellifluous’ which actually derives from the Latin word ‘mellifluus’, which literally means to flow with honey. Now next time you hear David Attenborough speak and feel like you are being swept off your feet by his delectable voice, remember this word ‘mellifluous’, but try to avoid getting too sick of its sweetness. Polite things tend to make people vomit.


Let us pretend you have done something wrong. Something tremendously wrong. For example, taking your parent’s biplane and getting it stuck in a tree - let’s be honest, it happens to the best of us. Then suppose your parent (or parents depending on who owns the biplane) happens to walk outside and sees you climbing from the plane wreckage now perched in their magnolia. You probably would like to leave the scene of the crime, no?

Well, if you want to do it effectively and to add vocal flair to your day, you would be wanting to abscond from the scene. Absconding refers to somebody (in this case you) leaving rather quickly and, with any luck, undetected. People generally abscond when they have been caught red-handed and before they even know what has happened they have quickly slipped nto the shadows and jumped on the nearest train to Tamworth, because nobody, not even your parents, would follow you there.

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