Academic Board...?

What is the Academic Board? What strings does the Board pull at the University? Do they meet at night in their academic gowns and sing Gaudeamus Igitur? What protection wards do they cast over the University? How would I know if I saw one of them out of their gown? These are the questions that one ponders when first confronted with the Academic Board. Upon a second reconsideration of the Board and a reading of its terms of reference the Board is actually a bit of a University player. The Board determines the academic policies of the University which includes approving new units, changes to existing units, assessment and remarking procedures, admission expectations, recognition of prior study and higher degree resourcing and processes. In order to hear representations from students the Board has four students elected to its ranks for a term of three years.

Four new students have been elected to replace the outgoing students and they are undergraduates Joshua Osborne and Sarah-Dane Garden, and postgraduates Harley Macnamara and Sikiki Lloyd. We would like to thank Katja Ingham, Alexander Davis and Mona Abou Taleb for their service and to recognise the immense amount of that time sitting on the Academic Board and its committees takes.

If you have comments or feedback on the academic policies of the university or are looking for some more information about the Academic Board please check out the Moodle page ‘Student Academic Board’ or email us at

We are here to advocate on students’ behalf and would gladly welcome any input on academic matters at this University. We have a duty to give the next generation of university students as good an experience, or better, than the one we had. I hope you can take the time to write to us or email us to arrange a meeting.

Vivat academia! Vivant professores! Vivat membrum quodlibet; Vivant membra quaelibet; Semper sint in flore.

Happy Studies, Sarah Dane-Garden, Joshua Osborne, Harley Macnamara & Sikiki Lloyd

Editorial - November 2013

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