Editorial - November 2013

A month of sipping martinis while skydiving on horseback onto cruise ships whilst eating chocolate and watching fireworks is enough for even the most spirited seeker of decadence. So, exhausted, but adorned with floral shirts, novelty mugs, and sweet tans, we return begrudgingly to the Nucleus office. Someone’s got to make this damn thing, and if not us, then....probably these people we just hired to do our jobs... Wait, why did we come back? As the penultimate issue for this elephantine year, we no longer know how many legs we are standing on (see above). Please help us welcome the three new Assistant Editors of Nucleus; Bridgette, Alana, and Jessie. Over the past few weeks, between the martinis and the cruises presumably, we’ve tried our best to show them what we do; entailing nonstop talking on our part and probably large doses of confusion on theirs. It’s an exciting and a slightly apprehensive prospect to consider where these new little elves can take Nucleus next year, but our confidence in them is continually growing. With their help, we have plundered our minds, imaginations and resources, scouring for new content, new ideas and plenty of fun mind fodder for y’all; may you explore this issue with all the curiosity of an immortal cat. Besides that, our hearty crew of contributors have done us more than proud. If there is not something for you in this issue, shoot us (with an email, preferably) and we’ll tell the new editors it’s their responsibility to rectify. Alana, Bridgette and Jessie will be taking the helm as of January 2014, at which point we will be sent to a farm in France to enjoy the rest of our days in peace (SSAF funded, of course). Be kind to them.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the possible threat to SSAF under our new government. Uneasy it makes us, but we hope that if it comes to it, you will join us in fighting for the preservation of the legislation that, under the guidance of some truly visionary and impossibly hard-working individuals, has created such a momentous positive change at UNE. To the externals who cannot feel the buzz in the air that never used to exist, we assure you we will build on what we have started to the benefit of the entire student community. What we have is worth fighting for; but what we have not yet created is worth even more.

Until next time, your eternally optimistic editors,

Sarita & Stu

Letters to the Editors - November 2013

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