From the Assistant Editors - November 2013

So, you want to learn about your future editors, you say? Alright, we’ll let you in on a few tantalising details!

Meet Alana When I first got the job of Assistant Editor, I imagined myself as Erica Berger from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I was going to be such a powerhouse Editor, uncovering scandals and exposing dirty crooks in Nucleus! And then I remembered all the death threats, all the attempts on her life . . . I’m fine to not be Erica Berger. For now, I’ll settle for being one of your three Assistant Editors, and I am very excited to be so!

I’ve just finished my Bachelor of Media and Communications, and next year I’ll be doing honours. I love Modesty Blaise (think a female James Bond) books, the Mass Effect series, and Star Wars. That’s really all you need to know about me.

Meet Jessie Off campus students, represent! When I started studying at UNE I thought I was pretty off campus, living up in Brisbane. But now my scale of “distance education” has changed, and my editorial input will be coming at ya from Helsinki, Finland, perkele. Before coming to Nucleus, I was the chief editor of the national magazine for Mensa Australia, and I have a sideline business for book editing and graphic design. In 2014 I’ll be finishing off a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Linguistics (via unfinished bachelors of Archaeology and Languages … oops). I’m into cooking, Aussie hip hop, and I hope to one day become a crazy cat lady. Oh, and Star Trek is better than Star Wars. Just sayin’, Alana …

Meet Bridgette I’m not really sure what kind of kid dreams of becoming an editor of a newspaper, but regardless I was that kid. My idol was a little less cool than Alana’s and I will admit it here, just this once: I always wanted to be Lois Lane. I mean, who doesn’t want to report on Superman? Nevertheless, on my way to becoming this amazing investigative journalist and brilliant editor, I am presently on the stepping stone they call a degree; I just finished my second year of a Bachelor of Media and Communications. I love Fridays, tea (made with tea leaves, I’m no sissy), Maltesers, reading too much Stephen King and watching too much sci-fi (Team Star Wars). What can I say, I lead an indulgent life. I predict a lot of chocolate consumption and Skype sessions as my colleagues and I take on this exciting challenge!

Together, we are pumped to take on Nucleus for 2014!

Of course, Nucleus wouldn’t even be around right now – and we wouldn’t be able to tell you how cool we are – if it weren’t for the incredible efforts of our editors, Stu Horsfield and Sarita Perston, over the past year. They have started from the bottom, working tirelessly on developing and re-creating Nucleus, and they have successfully engaged the student body and given us a voice. David Mailler, Josh Osborne and Alex Dunn have also been instrumental in reviving Nucleus; we look forward to receiving their passionate advice and insight next year. And of course, thanks to the amazing contributors over the past year! Without you, Nucleus just wouldn’t be. No really…

We have just one more month to sit and learn at the feet of Stu and Sarita, to absorb their infinite knowledge and wisdom, until we are turned loose to produce Nucleus all by ourselves. Eep! It may be early days, but we have bold hopes for where we can take this baby paper. Just off the top of our heads, we want to expand our readership even further, and develop our online presence (both through our website, as well as Facebook and maybe even Twitter – dream big right?). We want to engage more off campus students, and we want to encourage more contributors, and even more diversity of content.

We want Nucleus to be an invaluable source of information and entertainment for all!

- The Assistant Editors

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Letters to the Editors - November 2013