Letters to the Editors - November 2013

Dear Editors,

There are too many lecturers on campus these days. They are ruining the atmosphere and making life difficult for students. Lecturers look untidy and are responsible for the high levels of Greenhouse Gases on campus. Please use your power and influence to reduce the number of lecturers.

Yours Sincerely, etc.


Hi Editors,

I would like to voice my opinion and vision upon the Democratic system we currently live;

Democracy, Greek for ‘rule of the people’ is a great step in humanity. It allows the people (the majority) to vote upon their representative in order to speak on their behalf relating to policy and agenda. Unfortunately in almost all cases the representatives have a no-sway attitude & opinion on topics and are unable to voice/advocate the many diverse opinions of their constituents and thus the constituents voices are not heard.

Ultimately the only Democratic power in the hands of people is to vote on Puppet A, B, maybe a C. On election day in today’s conservative age within western politics the lay person has no idea upon what they are actually voting for; the policies of political parties are too similar rendering it impossible to differentiate and make an informed election decision. The rhetorical personal attacks between members of parliament obscure the fact that we are actually voting for parties (not individuals) and their respective policies.

The information age will eventually enable the people to vote upon topics/sub-topics of worldly & local agenda and the people will have the final say. Human destiny will then flow per the collective’s thoughts and wishes, not the minority or so-called representative. The hierarchical so-called new world order with one leader is not the only avenue for human society. There will be overseers (with no such extra power than any other person) to ensure this new people’s system is working error and corruption free. The people of the world will unite with transparency and Governmental secrets will cease to be required.

Homines Populus

From the Assistant Editors - November 2013

Editorial - November 2013