Student Profile - Jack Mooney

photo for profile small“Who is this handsome devil?” you’re probably asking yourself. Well, his name is Jack Mooney, but don’t let that pretty face fool you; he is something of a genius “trapped in a model’s body,” or so he likes to think (and often say aloud). Jack is twenty years old, but is often contradicting himself; while most twenty year olds are out partying at The ‘Stro he will be at home with a stubby watching Better Homes and Gardens, because he’s “too old for that shit.” He has just finished his second year of a Bachelor of Rural Science, and although he is thoroughly enjoying it, whilst he was completing his exams this month you could often find him yelling at his desk “I just want to farm eggs!”

You know how some kids seem like they were born with a business brain? Well Jack was one of them. Constantly trying to come up with another get-rich-quick scheme, he finally found one at fifteen. On his parent’s twenty acre property on the Coffs Harbour coast, Jack bought 100 Isa Brown chickens, with the intention of selling the eggs to the local footy team, for their barbeques. By eighteen, the business had grown to 5000 chickens, and had a name: Jack’s Eggs. Very original.

Jack never went to college because it was evident he would go stir crazy. He constantly needs to be doing some kind of project. In his first year of uni, he moved into a flat in the quaint village of Uralla. Bigger than a college room, yes; big enough to remain sane: hell no. Learning from his mistake, he decided to upsize this year.

Still in Uralla, Jack lives on a block large enough to keep approximately 100 chickens, three calves, one puppy called Binks (as in Jar Jar) and one good lookin’ dame (who apparently is “indispensable” – sorry ladies).

He sells chickens, eggs and coops that he makes himself and the business is doing extremely well. Jack says he has sold almost 500 chickens so far, and he sells the eggs to a local fruit and veg store as well as the butcher. All of this definitely helps out in the money department, but Jack has also won two scholarships in the past two years, allowing him to buy all of those important textbooks (thank goodness!).

These scholarships, (one from the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and the other from the Royal Agricultural Society Foundation) have let Jack meet a heap of important people including his sponsors from Egg Corp. Ltd. which will probably come in handy considering how much he seems to like chooks.

Keep an eye on this space to watch the great business entrepreneur that Jack Mooney becomes. We at Nucleus predict great things.

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