A Word With Judd - December 2013

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Coruscant Some things sparkle. Yes, I know, hard to believe. This, however, poses a problem; what should we call said sparkly object? We could say ‘sparkly’ – but that is not really a word, and is quite droll. As with so many things English offers us an abundance of choices – glistening, gleaming, shining, twinkling, etcetera and etcetera, but one word you may never have thought of is ‘coruscant’. It means the same thing as all the other words mentioned before, haha, but sounds like it sparkles with a sinister undertone (that or the trapped voices of the local choir... which may be a good thing). So if you want to impress your friends and terrify your enemies or just give a new name to that thing Twilight vampires do in sunlight, then ‘coruscant’ is the word for you.



Ergophobia Bureaucracy, bureaucracy, bureaucracy – this is the word embedded into the life of every Australian in the 21st century. If I was feeling particularly spiteful, I would say that this Word with Judd applies to bureaucrats – but that shall remain to be seen. The word in question is quite a fun one, ‘ergophobia’, which means to have an aversion to, or a fear of... work. The reason this has anything to do with bureaucracy is just how much bureaucracy allows people to avoid doing work. If somebody cuts their finger, thanks to the marvels of bureaucracy, a twenty-page report must be filled in. If you earn any sort of income and need to report that to Centrelink, it provides the perfect excuse not to work on that assignment which is two days overdue. You could of course use this word to mock a person who is quite lazy, but why not poke fun at the system if you can?

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GNSAD - December 2013

GNSAD - December 2013