(College) Recipe - Chocolate Caramel Slice

It was the author Peter Williams who advised us that “It is a risk to love. What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does.” It is this attitude that I apply to all my cooking endeavours, whether I am making up a new creation or throwing together an old favourite. Regardless of whether I have made the same recipe hundreds of times or am working out a new one, there is (as with everything) always room for error, the opportunityfor mistake and the possibility of it not working out - yet I never let that stop me.

With this month’s recipe, like all my culinary exploits, I was once again confronted with the idea of creating a mess without an edible product to show for it as I wanted to adapt an old favourite recipe into a version that is easy and uses minimal cooking facilities to cater to college life. Fortunately I was successful the first time as I never let the possibility of failure interact with my efforts.

Chocolate caramel slice is fun, gooey and oh so yummy – not to mention the fact that it is perfect for a holiday treat or, for all those braving trimester three, a wonderful study snack, or study break.

caramel slice*Editor's note: This as a picture of the slice that Alana made - a baker she is not. Despite how wonky it looks, we can assure you that it tastes delicious, and reassure you that Ashley's recipe is not to blame and wonderful.

Ingredients: - 250g Packet Plain Biscuits (I used Nice) - 245g Butter - 800g Condensed Milk - 2/3 cup Brown Sugar - 1 Block of your choice of chocolate (I used Cadbury Milk)

Base: 1) Finely crush biscuits (this is best achieved by placing the packet of biscuits in layers of freezer bags and crushing with a rolling pin or something heavy). Then place them in a bowl. 2) Melt 125g of butter in a microwave and mix into the crushed biscuit. 3) Grease and line a tray or container and press the mixture evenly into the base. 4) Place in the fridge.

Caramel: 1) Pour condensed milk, 120g butter, and brown sugar into a large jug or microwave-safe bowl and roughly combine. 2) Cook in microwave for approximately ten minutes or until mixture boils and thickens; however, take it out every minute or so and stir thoroughly. 3) Remove base from fridge and pour caramel over it. 4) Place back in the fridge until it cools and sets. Then make topping.

Topping: 1) Break chocolate into small pieces and place in a microwave safe bowl. 2) Melt in the microwave. Note: It does not take long for chocolate to melt in the microwave, so make sure you stop it every ten seconds or less and stir to prevent burning. 3) Remove set caramel and base from fridge and pour the melted chocolate over it. 4) Refrigerate slice for approximately 3 hours before cutting and serving.


By Ashley Pianca

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