Review - Doctor Who

50th Anniversary Special:

'The Day of the Doctor'

Firstly, as a fan, let me say: “IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!” Next, as a more objective party, let me say the following: great fun, brilliantly paced; although it was an extended feature, it did not feel like one at all.

We begin with a revisit, of sorts, to the First Doctor and the first episode of the show (I phrase it thus because, resultant of the 2005 reboot, the season numbers have gone all wibbly-wobbly season-weasony), at Coal Hill School where we first met Susan Foreman – the First Doctor’s granddaughter – 50 years ago, and where current companion Clara is now teaching.

TARDIS - Web CopyJump forward, and UNIT have carried the Doctor and Clara away to investigate some strange goings-on regarding paintings whose subjects have escaped.

Jump back in time to the legendary Time War, where we meet the much questioned War Doctor, and see the TARDIS used as never before in the fall of Arcadia!

Jump forward again to present day England and we discover the relationship between the Tenth Doctor and Queen Elizabeth 1.

Then jump back to 16th Century England and the development of this royal relationship, and we meet the Zygons!

Then, in classic Doctor Who style, the First Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor, and the Twelfth Doctor are thrust together. And then the fun begins.

Let me say this: David Tennant in a fez.

The dynamic between these three reads like poetry... by Lewis Carol. Mad, nonsensical, but perfectly harmonised and beautiful. Questions are answered, questions are left unanswered, new questions are asked. The double plot of the Time War and the invasion of the Zygons at first seems disjointed and like a poor attempt to draw on the classic storylines to feed the new, but they actually work like a pair of shoes: separate, but unified. The destruction of Gallifrey brought about mixed emotions, but the execution was magnificent and the incorporation of the Bad Wolf Girl was delightfully clever. All Whovians will lose their nut watching this, and I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry, but non-fans and even casual viewers will find it difficult to follow. This really is a flick for the loyal.

Overall, it was fantastic! Oh, and if this review seems vague or disjointed, then . . . well, when has Doctor Who ever been clearly defined?

Also . . . Spoilers!



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