Structural Changes to Services

- Bridgette Glover

UNE administration will hand over the responsibility of management of Tune!FM, the Secondhand Bookshop, and the independent student advocates to UNESA at the commencement of 2014.

This transition will see Services UNE and Sport UNE move under a single management structure.

Services UNE was established in 2005, following the effect of Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) on student amenity, to administer services to students. UNESA President David Mailler is certain that the services that UNESA now has responsibility for, which cover student wellbeing and engagement, will “continue to support the student experience and build amenity and fraternity.” UNESA will continue its managerial responsibility of Nucleus, as it has since the paper started in January.


Mr Mailler explained that the student association has “endeavoured to build various partnerships and trusts within the University,” making this directorial development both an achievement and an opportunity. UNESA was officially formed from the undergraduate and postgraduate associations in the middle of this year.

The new entity will take responsibility for the services provided by SportUNE, Campus Essentials, Belgrave Cinema, Grind & Squeeze Café, the Booloominbah Collection, Sleek Hair Studio and Academic Hire under interim CEO David Schmude.

As the new entity forms, Nucleus will endeavour to keep you up to date with developments.