News - Reclaim the Night

- Bridgette Glover

On the 15th of November 2013, men and women of Armidale marched the streets as a stand against all forms of violence within our society. Reclaim the Night is a global women’s protest against sexual assault, and since Australia’s first participation in 1978 it has only grown, now with smaller communities all over the country getting involved. Beardy Street Mall was filled with market stalls, free food, music and guest speakers, sparking a “great community feeling” within Armidale according to Helen Taylor, a member of the University of New England Women’s Society (UNEWS).

UNEWS successfully participated in the event by having their own stall through which people were able to sign up and network, as well as contribute to a communal quilt. “It was a fun event for UNEWS to get involved with in the greater Armidale community…and for us to be present for conversations, no matter how small,” said Taylor.


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