Catchglance - November

Look about you. Each fragment of our environment is a piece of a puzzle waiting to be examined, waiting to be seen in a new way, waiting to be discovered. Nucleus presents the first Catchglance: a sign, a texture, an image, a message, an idea, both captured forever and still waiting to be found. Can you find what we have found? If you know where it is, let us know...

catchglance small

Find me out, don’t glance too high I am bare and cold before your eye. Tall, round, grey, my bearer stands As I sit scrawled by thoughtful hands On a pillar from a near-distant age Age of industry, its wall my page A fortress off where wheels might rest With weather wearied by my test. A message to those who do not try; A word of comfort, heart’s need so caught: Or a desperate anti-apathetic cry Runnelled by rain and running thoughts ‘Don’t just go, don’t dare, don’t die Without giving it a best of sorts’.

Comment below, email; post on our facebook page; send us a letter; or tell us in person at the Nucleus office, where you found the Catchglance.

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