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By Jade Hamilton and Jessie Wilcox Counselling Service The university offers a counselling service that is free and confidential to both internal and external students. Their mission is to offer the support that is needed to succeed in your studies whether it is academic or personal counselling that is needed. Face-to-face, telephone and Skype appointments are available. Their office hours are 9am to 4:30pm (Monday—Friday) and they can be contacted on 02 6773 2897 or further information can be found at (or

ASO Factsheets The Academic Skills Office (ASO) have compiled a series of factsheets that answer a number of frequently asked questions that students have. The topics covered include; study skills, referencing, writing essays, reviews and reports, writing correctly, writing different paragraph types and mathematics. They are an invaluable tool for both new students and ongoing students and often answer questions without having to look much further. The factsheets can be found at (or

IT Service Desk The university provides an IT service to both internal and external students with the IT service desk. You can get IT help via phone, email or face-to-face and for those of us who are (at times) completely computer illiterate this service is super helpful and can make studying all that much easier. You can contact the IT service desk via phone 02 6773 5000 or toll-free 1800 763 040, via email on or in person at the Dixson Library Service desk that is located on the Ground Floor of the Dixson Library (C31). More information regarding this service can be found at (or

Evernote Evernote is a software program that allows you to note take and archive information across a number of devices. It is a wonderful way to have access to your study needs in different locations and across different devices. An ‘on the go’ study software program. More information on this software program can be found at and a multitude of examples of how to use the program can be found by searching on Google.

Library Services The use of the library and the services that they offer are very important to both internal and external students, although, many people overlook the importance of the library for external students. For external students the library will post out books and include free return postage which is a big advantage for external students and their studies. This service allows external students to have extra resources without having to pay out any extra money (which is always a bonus for students). UNE will also pay for half the membership fee to join your local university’s library which is also another great way to access more resources for your studies. The library also offers services such as computers, e-reserve, online databases and tours around the library. It is always a good idea to get acquainted with the services that are available for you through the library as they will be priceless to you during your studies. Library services and other information regarding the library can be found at

Balancing Life Becoming a university student is a major transition and will cause a lot of changes in your life. The study/life balance is very important and can include a number of activities such as social life, family obligations, exercise and work. Exercise is a very important part of being a university student and needs to be a priority. Sitting down to study and the snacking that normally comes with this can lead to weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. Scheduling in time to exercise is a great way to stop those kilos and health problems piling on as well as stabilising moods and beating those study blues that often set in. Balance is key in successful continuous study!

New England Award The New England Award (NEA) is an award given by UNE for your involvement in a number of experiences including: volunteering, extracurricular activities and event organisation. It allows you to develop life skills while working towards an award that can be used on a resume or CV.

Textbooks Textbooks, unfortunately something that we need as students but cost a fortune! There are the UNE bookshops but there are also a number of websites that can be used to purchase textbooks cheaper. A very useful website is, it allows you to compare prices on textbooks (and other medias) so find the cheapest place to purchase our texts, because let’s be honest as students the more we can save the better!

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