NEWS - Men's Club at UNE

By Bridgette Glover Andrew Liston recently made the decision to start up a club for the men of UNE.

Liston told Nucleus that after discovering that there was a Women’s Society at UNE, he thought it only appropriate that there be a Men’s Club to “cater to the male experience” and because male students are the minority on campus, even more so off campus, providing representation is important.

Liston stated that despite the fact that the Club is still “finding their legs,” the executive committee has high hopes for their first year. As well as becoming involved in the Club and Society events throughout the year, the committee also spoke with the Armidale Men’s Shed, and have since been approved to use their facilities to build a piece of outdoor furniture, which they will then donate back to UNE. Liston further explained his vision for the Club, stating “We do also hope to support various appropriate social causes such as health programs, awareness campaigns and fund-raising, obviously with the focus on men”.

In establishing this group, Liston ultimately hopes to establish a culture that gives the opportunity “for any individual to maintain and improve their well-being, which will have a ripple effect on the rest of the campus.”

“With the formation of this club there can now be a dialogue between the sexes, which is important to establish a sense of equilibrium,” he said.

Liston plans on having a stall at Lifesaver Day, as well as being involved in the Clubs and Societies Fair, which will be held on 26 February.

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