The first editorial of 2014!

Capture Hey there readers, and welcome to 2014 and the second year of (the reborn) Nucleus!

By the time you’re reading this, we will have been a part of Nucleus for about four and a half months, and so far, it has been the bomb-diggity! Compiling our first issue has been a mixture of relaxation, panic, chocolate, coffee, pimples, Google hangouts, stressful people, beautiful people, chocolate, witty office banter, and chocolate…and it has been the best.

We ask you to please make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, remove your bra/boxers and enjoy what we and our incredible contributors have to offer. Inside our Beginnings edition we have the most exclusive tips on how to survive as a fresher, both on campus and externally. We also have the best advice from a graduate, to remind you why the hell you are here.

February’s Nucleus both follows and breaks tradition, with the classic College Recipe coming back to reclaim those love handles you got rid of for your beach body, and Hoi Sin returning to put his two cents in about a world without tools. Check out our new unit profile, as well as the fabulous horoscropes from Madame Adam, who thought that Nucleus needed a little extra glitter (don’t forget to check out her predictions for Jim Barber’s future after he leaves UNE!). One of our very own listened to the new album by The Jezebels on repeat and decided she’d better write about it, plus we learn something new about the colourful tradition that is the Chinese New Year!

Nucleus is about giving the students a voice, but the thing is (strangely enough) we can’t read minds. If you want to be heard, i.e printed, you have to give it to us…and we know you want to…Nucleus needs writers, artists, journalists, photographers, gossipers, complainers, and, well you get the idea. Our details are on the page before this one, so use your detective skills and track us down. And for all you on-campus students, it is as simple as coming into the office. We don’t bite and we’re really cute, so you can’t lose.

There is heaps of awesomeness in this edition, so please enjoy.

Until March,

Alana, Bridgette and Jessie

P.S. Please enjoy this totally not-awkward or embarrassing photo of us all. P.P.S. Obviously you have very sexy editors.

The Jezabels - The Brink

The Jezabels - The Brink

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