Words with Judd - February 2014

Judd image Absquatulate So you threw a sandwich at someone. You may need to leave with haste. What can you do? You might like to leave quickly, but that seems to bland. Abscond? That is too cliché. What you need to do is ABSQUATULATE! Which quite simply put means leaving rather abruptly. So you throw your sandwich at the Federal Minister for Industry and then absquatulate from the premises in a orderly, but somewhat flailing manner. This will ensure not only a fast retreat, but leaving the Minister in such a state of bewilderment that he could not possibly understand what it is you have just done or what science is (not that he understood that in the first place).

Decimated I often hear when something is destroyed people uttering that the subject matter has been ‘decimated’ – particularly if it is almost completely annihilated. Well, I should really stop you right there dear reader, and just put your little heart at rest. Decimated does not mean almost totally destroyed, on the contrary, it means that one tenth has been destroyed. See the word actually comes from a Roman form of punishment, in which, if a legion failed in its duty it would be lined up and every tenth man would be slaughtered by the other nine-tenths. Cheery folks the Romans. Hence, the army was decimated. So next time you see something is destroyed, do you really think it has been decimated or just three-quartered? Because if you are not sure, I may hunt you down and decimate one part of your anatomy.

Introducing Nucleus' very own Mistress of Mysticism: Madam Adam!

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