NEWS - A Safe Space for Women

By Bridgette Glover The University of New England Women’s Society has recently accomplished a huge feat in successfully attaining a long-awaited Women’s Space.

Located in the Union Courtyard area, next door to the Nucleus office, the Safe Space for women will open in about four weeks. Kate Wood, President of UNEWS, explained the importance of the room, stating “sometimes women need a space they can go, that is guaranteed women-friendly.”

Wood continued, “It’s a sad reality that many women in our society still feel unsafe at times. I think the number of women telling me they will be coming onto campus more often once there is a Women’s Room they can go to when they are anxious or concerned, proves that we need the space.”

Wood however did not manage to get the room alone, acknowledging that much of the hard work was by David Mailler, President of UNE Student Association. Wood said, “UNESA have been very supportive of the Women’s Space and without Dave’s help, this wouldn’t be a reality.”

Mailler has also confirmed with Nucleus that the SSAF funding for the refurbishment of the room was just recently approved.

Mums@UNE also were a part of this accomplishment, who Wood says joined with UNEWS in asking for the space. Wood also paid tribute to former President Milly Roberts, who “did a fabulous job laying all the groundwork and campaining the University for this space.”

The room is open to all individual students who tick “Female” on their enrolment form. It will have resources relevant to women such as sexual health, counselling and emergency accommodation, and it is breast-feeding friendly. Opening hours will be from 6am to 11pm.

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