Penguins Jumper-ing for Joy!

By the Tune!FM Fairy For Little Penguins (“Little” being the species as well as the adjective), getting caught in an oil spill is just the beginning of their problems. It only takes a small patch of oil to separate out all their feathers and destroy the natural oils. These oils are what keep heat in and water out. It’s damage that’s difficult to recover from.

On top of all that, an oily penguin wants nothing more than to preen itself and repair the damage- a risky act that can lead to ingesting the poisonous substance. Now not only is the penguin oily, messy, wet and cold, it’s quite possibly dead as well.

Apart from getting a job for an International Oil Company and working hard to improve safety standards and reduce oil spills, there is little you and I can do to help these critters… Until now!

The Penguin Foundation, an organisation working to protect the penguins of Phillip Island has a unique volunteering program you can get involved in from the comfort of your own home. Penguin jumpers are knitted attire for Little Penguins, designed to warm up the shivering oil-spill victim, prevent it from swallowing the oil and make it look super adorable as well.

While the jumpers aren’t needed every single day, stockpiling them helped the Foundation to save 96% of the 453 penguin victims of the 2001 oil spill near the island. They also send them away to other colonies, spreading the wooly love around the world.

Tune!FM is a collection point for penguin jumpers, and Uncle Tune wants YOU to send us your contribution. We’ve even included this handy pattern, for those of you not experienced in the manufacturing of avian knitwear.

Get creative, get knitting and save a Little Penguin life!

Eight ply Pattern Directions given Australia (U.K., USA)

You will need: -8 ply (D.K., Sport/Worsted) yarn -1 pr 3.75mm (no.9, US no.5)


BACK: - Cast on 36 sts. - K1 P1 to the end of the row. - Repeat for 7 more rows. - Change to K2 P2 and inc. 8 sts. evenly across this row. (44sts.) - Continue until the work measures 12cm. - Dec. 1 st. each end of every row till 28 sts. - Dec. one stitch in the middle of the next row. (27 sts) - Change to K1P1 rib for 10 rows. Cast off.

FRONT: Knit same as the Back. - Using a flat seam join the neck edges together.(about 4cm) - Stitch the sides to the beginning of the upper decreasing (opening for each flipper). Side seam should be12cm approximately. Flipper opening about 4cm in length. - Total length of finished jumper should be no more than 20cm, width should be 12cm.

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