Words with Judd - March 2014

Judd image Verklempt

German is reputed to be the most romantic and tender of all European languages (*cough*). For this reason it seems only suiting that one of this weeks words encompasses the most tender part of the human psyche; emotions. And what better language than German!? This word is soft and gentle, smooth and sweet, loving and tender, it describes when a person is utterly overcome with emotion, it is of course VERKLEMPT. A word which sounds like a ballet dancer with her shoes tied together, a word which makes me think of two doves battling each other with bricks, a word which sounds of a hippopotamus in roller skates! Verklempt! Oh! What a word!

Susurrus Sometimes I like to hide in the park to make strange and unexpected noises at passers-by. However, as is often the case, there is nobody willing to come near the strange looking bush with a person inside. It is during this time I am able to listen to the susurration of the local park trees. No, you have got me all wrong, susurration, though sounding like suspicious resuscitation actually refers to a soft whisper or rustling normally attributed to environmental elements like rivers or leaves. Similarly, the word susurrus describes the sound as its own individual entity. So when you are next frolicking naked in the woods, take the time to listen to the gentle susurrus and just look out for the man sitting in the bush pretending to be a bird.

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