March Editorial

March Editorial


Hey there true believers! Welcome to the second issue of Nucleus 2014! Our second month of being your editors has proven to be just as much the bomb-diggity as the first, if not more so, what with eager new contributors, even more chocolate, and slightly (only slightly) more knowledge about working Photoshop.

Inside our Happiness issue you’ll find a collection of answers to a question we hounded poor unexpecting students with: ‘What makes you happy?’ There’s an easy guide to becoming happy in just one day, a review of American Hustle, tips for all our insomniac readers, and why exactly the world needs feminism. There’s also a series of opinion pieces looking at UNESA from different points of view. And why don’t you make the delectable Rainbow White Chocolate Coconut Passionfruit Cheesecake – it’s the perfect treat to accompany reading this issue!

While we’ve got your attention, we’d like to make a few apologies about our f*!k ups in the last issue. To Jessie Willcox (spelt with one l in Feb); to Monica Fortunaso (for not getting credited for your fab article), to the Coffee Count (for missing an f – clearly we hadn’t had enough coffee) and to Ms Wen Liu. In last month’s issue we printed the winning entries of the UNE International Writing Prize. However, the name of one of the authors was misspelt: this sentence should read “Wen Liu won the News Articles/Social Issues category with her entry ‘Culture Policy on Tourist Areas’.” Nucleus would like to apologise to Ms Wen Liu for this mistake. Sometimes we’re idiots.

Until April, where we’ll see you in space!

Alana, Bridgette and Jessie.

P.S. Please enjoy these dorky photos of what makes each of us happy.

Reading Penguins, smiling, and pointing! - Bridgette

Drinking coffee in a galaxy far, far away! - Alana


Playing PS3 in my pyjamas and not brushing my hair! - Jessie



Address from Harley Macnamara: student representative to UNE Academic Board

Address from Harley Macnamara: student representative to UNE Academic Board

UNESA President's Report