NEWS - 2014 UNE Orientation 2014

By Bridgette Glover The University New Year began with a bang as students from all over the country flooded UNE; a welcoming change from the previous silence that fell over the campus during the third trimester. Around 1400 new faces were a part of the exciting week as they got to know the campus and the place that will be their homes for the next few years.


The commencement ceremony on the 17th of February kicked off the hectic week as Lazenby packed in hundreds of students in their academic gowns to be formally introduced to UNE. Lifesaver Day was the first opportunity for the new students of 2014 to get a sense of what the University has to offer, and it was hugely successful in the new venue, Sport UNE. Made even more popular by the free BBQ, pizza deliveries and DJ outside, hundreds of students, both Freshers and returners, filled the hall to be given as much free stuff as possible.

Other memorable parts of the week included the O-mazing Race which gave Freshers the chance to get (surprisingly) competitive and become familiar with the various Schools on campus; and of course there was the Freshers’ Bash at The Stro which is always a hit.

Although Orientation was technically over by the 21st, events still continued with Uni4Me holding a new event, Cinema on the Lawns. Featuring live music by Dave Cheney, the free event was well attended with approximately 100 students chilling out on the Booloominbah Lawns to watch Now You See Me (2013).

The Clubs and Societies Fair was on the 26th, and was another opportunity for the students to become aware or a part of some of the associations within UNE. Held in the top courtyard, there was once again live music and free food as students in between their classes were able to wander about and have a closer look at how they could become more involved.

Mark Jongebloed, Independent Advocate at Uni4Me said “O-week was an excellent week and Uni4Me had lots going on. We had huge participation by the Locals, who might not necessarily be a part of the colleges, and that is really encouraging.”

“O-week was also great because it allowed Uni4Me to get out and meet as many people as possible and let them know who we are” Jongebloed continued. If you want to know more about Uni4Me or become a Blue Shirt Volunteer, check out their website If you have an advocacy you can give the team a call on (02) 6773 2506

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