'Into the Woods' - A production by Earle Page College Musical Society

'Into the Woods' - A production by Earle Page College Musical Society


By Desiree King For the past 40 years Earle Page College has had the privilege of hosting its very own musical for the University of New England and surrounding community. This years production is an adaptation of the musical “Into the woods”, directed by Jono McAteer and produced by Desiree King.

This year’s addition to the many successful musicals hosted by Earle Page will be sure to shock, entertain and bewilder its audiences. In previous years, Earle Page College has produced shows such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Rent”, “Wizard of Oz”, “Pirates of Penzance” and “Little Shop of Horrors” along with many others. Last year saw our residents test their talents in the Sondheim musical “Sweeny Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street” which received excellent reviews and was enjoyed by all who saw it. Many of last year’s performers are returning to the stage along with some new faces.

Bringing together previous members knowledge, and experience, along with enthusiasm and eagerness of new performers, this musical is a proud part of Earle Page College’s history and provides an amazing opportunity for residents to showcase their talents, expand their knowledge and experience, while also having a lot of fun.

“Into the Woods” follows the original Brothers Grimm stories of Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. Throw in some hilarious rock star princes, a desperate baker and his wife, and a Witch on a mission to return to her former beauty and you have a musical full of adventure. The characters’ storylines interweave for some hilarious, saddening and exciting scenes that will have you questioning the fairytales you grew up with. By the end of Act 1, after much confusion in the woods, the characters finally make it to their happy ending. But….the story continues after the happy ending, twisting the stories further when a giant returns to the land wreaking havoc upon them all.

Photo credit: Georgia Sleigtholme

The musical is outstanding and delightful. Its movie version is currently in production and will be released later in the year with stars such as Meryl Streep, Jonny Depp, Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt. It is sure to be as amazing as the musical, but before you see it on the silver screen see it the way it was originally, written on the stage.

One of the most remarkable things about this musical is that most of the cast and crew don’t study theatre or haven’t been professionally trained in stagecraft, a fact completely forgotten when watching these captivating performers. Whilst some of the band is made up of students studying music, others are studying such diverse fields as medicine and teaching.

In addition, the residents have made almost all of the sets, costumes and props, a true testament to their ablilites. After many long hours, the production team, with the technical crew, has managed to create an atmosphere so reminiscent of the woods you’ll believe the characters are actually there.

The show is funded and supported by generous local businesses without who the show would not have had such amazing success over the past 41 years. It is an outstanding tribute of the Armidale community.

This year’s show is not to be missed. “Into the Woods” will open on Thursday 24th of July at 7pm with following performances on Friday 25th at 11am and Saturday 26th at 7pm.

Tickets can be reserved at epcmusical@outlook.com.au and pay at the door. Adults are $25 while concession is $20.

Any further queries can be directed to epcmusical@outlook.com.au

Feature image credit: Georgia Sleigtholme

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