July Editorial

July Editorial


Hello friends, How was everyone’s break? Refreshing? Long enough? Feeling super prepared for Trimester 2?

Yes, it was perhaps a little indulgent of us to finish up with the May issue, and sit down to watch TV for half an hour. Now suddenly it’s July (what?), classes are starting back up and Nucleus has hit the shelves!


A lot has happened since the May issue, and surprisingly, it’s not just the Federal Budget. Game of Thrones also finished. Oh and also, our Chancellor resigned, which was unexpected. We spoke to John after his announcement to see what he had to say, and now we love him even more. Blast it. You can read the full story on page 6, and don’t forget to have a squizz at the fabulous speech he delivered at Chancellor’s Dinner that Mary White held a few weeks back. A lot of wise words and solid advice on everything from education to women; we’re all saddened to see him leave UNE, and we wish him all the best. He was a real fave.

So what are you going to find in your July issue? We’ve got a feature on the budget, an interview with author Tina Matthews, some vox pops on Wright College, and all the UNE news that we’ve kept tabs on while y’all were blitzing your exams. You’re welcome. We’ve also got some great stuff in the creative section, and the always popular college recipe.

Don’t forget to check out the nominees for the UNESA elections. Get to know them and please vote, because the Association represents all cohorts of the student body, and in the short time they’ve been established, they’ve accomplished so much.

We would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed in this issue. Though there was a month off from Nucleus, it wasn’t exactly spent doing nothing. Everyone was working really hard, and to all those who kept going and sent something in, we’d like you to know you’re the bomb-diggity.

Another thank you goes out to our WORK300 babe, Ashlee Noonan, who has had to remember all that she learnt in ENCO100 and help us out with making sure words are spelt correctly (among other things) in the pages you are about to embark on.

Now as for the next issue, get ready for a kick ass theme.

You ready for it?

Here it is:


Yep, it’s finally happening. One of your editors has been waiting all year for this bad boy. Can you guess which one? More about that later though. You just sit back and enjoy this issue for what it is: true beauty.

Until sexy August is upon us,

Bridgette and Alana

UNESA Election Nominations

UNESA Election Nominations

July Report - David Mailler, UNE Student Association President

July Report - David Mailler, UNE Student Association President