From The Editors

Editor-in-Chief: Zac Waller Ford

Hey everyone, thanks for giving us a read.

Pretty neat, huh? I’d like to greatly thank Bobbijo for her amazing work in producing this edition. I am truly lucky to have such a great design editor.

Over the last two years of the Nucleus, much has changed. We’ve been through many different editors, and we’ve had many different teams. But the Nucleus will always be yours. Made by students, for students. We aim to represent as much of our UNE community as we can, and for that to happen, we need the input of as many people as possible to make this ongoing project work.

I am honoured to be able to present you all this edition of the Nucleus. I greatly appreciate everyone’s hard work and support. Over the coming months, we will continue to grow this to become much bigger and better, and I cannot wait to see this at its full potential. 

This is not for us, the team. This is for you. Whether you’re an arts student or a JMP student, this is for you.

Design Editor: Bobbijo Harrison

Let me introduce myself— I am Bobbijo, your new Nucleus Design Editor. My life at UNE started way back in 2008 when I lived and D&S College, and now I’m back, studying a Master of Arts (Media and Communications), and enjoying Armidale’s long and cold winters. With a background in professional graphic design, I hope to bring to a new look, and bit of creativity, and a Nucleus where each and every edition is something you can’t wait to read.

Nucleus, like all things, has had it’s ups and downs, but working closely with you, Zac and I want to make the Nucleus into something great. Something that you, as UNE students can truly call your own. For us to make that happen, we need your help! We want your feedback, your submissions, and your involvement. Like something? Let us know. Hate it? We want to hear that too. Have an idea for something you’d like to see? Tell us and we’ll do what we can.

Mostly though, I am super excited to get to work on Nucleus, with a great editor, a team of amazing contributors, and a student body who are so involved with their university.

Farming Futures Careers Fair and Industry Dinner

Farming Futures Careers Fair and Industry Dinner

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