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Census Date is next Monday. Are you sick of hearing it yet? Good.
Census Date is next Monday.

Make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row. It’s the day that UNE send all enrolment information away to the federal government which means if you’re thinking there’s even a chance you might change your study load - contact Student Support. They’ll be able to give you the advice you need. Census Date is also the last date for any commencing students (or students who have changed degrees) to submit the SA-Help form if you wish to defer your SSAF fee to your HELP loan. 

Hopefully you’ve heard of our ‘WINTER’ event on Tuesday 11th. Naturally, Student Support as well as other support services will have their own (heated) geodome and I encourage you to take a break from a snowball fight and go and have a chat. Whilst we bang our heads together here at the Student Experience team to come up with event ideas that students want to see, you hopefully notice that there’s generally a reason behind our madness - connect with UNE services, take a break and talk to people. 

It’s been a big few weeks for representative teams of UNE - Enactus UNE, the National Indigenous Tertiary Education Student Games team and the Northern University Games teams have been spread across no less than three states. Whilst all teams did well making it through to finals rounds, the willingness to stand up, represent UNE and be involved in extracurricular activity is itself something to applaud. It genuinely makes us proud to see students getting involved like this and we’re thrilled to be able to lend support where possible. Special kudos to the Indigenous Students Association who after their University Games trip to Geelong jumped straight back into things last week with the NAIDOC week activities and are hosting their first NAIDOC dinner on Friday July 14 at the Stro. Tickets are available at and attendees will hear from a special guest speaker of the Anaiwan Language Revival - which was also the subject of a symposium supported by ISA last week at the Oorala Centre. 

On Friday 21st, the Student Experience Team in collaboration with UNESA’s Clubs and Societies Subcommittee will be holding a formal meeting and dinner, the purpose of which will be club training. Whilst this subject has come up before, this event is a must-be-at afternoon/evening for all clubs. There are some exceptional clubs and societies operating on campus, however the consistent thread amongst all of them is the ongoing need for proper governance training and resources. Club Executive will have already received an invitation to this event and I want to remind them of the importance of attending. Some of the club activity that currently occurs is simply outstanding, however if we’re not providing individuals the technical and enterprise skills that would be expected of anyone in office bearing positions of an organisation, the Clubs Program at UNE is not meeting its full objective. Both I and the UNESA subcommittee look forward to seeing those officers there next Friday. 

Lastly and on-topic, as we head into August, nominations for UNESA’s election are now open. Just like clubs and societies and other UNE committees, being involved with UNESA can be such a rewarding experience and can see you working with the University, representing students and gaining some serious skills for employability. At the very least, I encourage you all to use this opportunity to get to know UNESA, what they do, and to meet the candidates. 

And of course, as always, if there are suggestions, concerns or comments on how we’re travelling here at UNE Life, I’d be keen to hear from you.  Let us know either at the above email, on Messenger at, or simply drop in to see us in the lower concourse of Madgwick Hall.

Ben Bible
Manager, Communications & Student Experience

UNE Life, University of New England

From the COO

From the COO

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