Ode To An Angel

Ode To An Angel

My darling, my sweetheart, my angel, it’s time for you to go.

You fought so hard, and you were brave; believe me baby, I know.

You never let it slow you down, you never let it beat you.

You fought it off for so damn long; the whole time you stayed true.

You won the battle of your lungs, but of the war it was just the start.

It came back in your breast and brain, and finally your heart.

We’ve had such a fantastic life together, every single moment.

I’m so happy I found you, my love; you’ve made me so content.

I still remember when I proposed, all those years ago.

A picnic down by the lake, bathing in sunset’s glow.

The sun’s golden breams on your skin illuminating your beauty,

And the fragrance of your perfume was magnificently fruity.

The ring trembled in my shaking hands; my God I was so nervous.

My heart exploded with pure joy when you smiled and whispered “yes”.

We were married at 21 my love; your father wanted my hide,

70 perfect years together; it’s been such an incredible ride.

All of our children are here, my love, they’ve come to say goodbye.

So are all our grandkids; will you watch over them from the sky?

You still look beautiful to me my love; so perfect and so sweet,

The chance to spend my life with you was such a perfect treat.

I don’t want you to be in pain my love; the decision falls to me.

To turn off these machines and let your spirit go forth free.

I walk up to your side my love; I take in your beauty one last time,

I won’t keep you here and prolong your pain; what an unspeakable crime.

A tear slides down my frail old cheek and falls on to your bed.

I linger just a little longer and stroke the hair off your forehead.

I softly give you my last kiss, and then another on your cheek.

Then whisper “I love you” in your ear; my voice so cracked and weak.

Then I close my eyes and say goodbye and end your living nightmare.

The tears fall down my cheeks again, but I know I’ve ended your despair.

It’s time for you to go, my love, to you the angels will beckon,

I love you more than life itself… my love I’ll see you in Heaven.

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